best hospital bed for home use 2022

Finding a hospital bed for home use becomes a priority quickly when you or a loved one falls ill or must recover from an injury. And, with many brands and models available, we understand that choosing the best hospital bed can be confusing.

What Makes the Best Hospital Bed?

Truthfully, there is no right answer. The best hospital bed for your home is the one that meets the needs of the patient and the caregiver. 

In fact, most hospital beds have very similar functions so considerations such as price, quality, bed features, availability, and looks will likely influence your hospital bed decision. Mobility experts like Conval-Aid partner with Occupational Therapists (OTs) and healthcare providers to identify the best bed and mattress for your unique situation.

Types of Hospital Beds

There are three basic hospital bed options available to you. 

Each is an adjustable bed that resembles a twin-sized traditional bed with a heavy metal bed frame. All feature moveable head and foot sections (similar to a recliner chair) and many have the option of built-in side rails for safety. 

Extra accessories, and the mattress itself, are purchased or rented separately. You can choose from options like an adjustable medical air mattress or a memory foam mattress to ensure the patient rests in a comfortable bed and doesn’t experience bed sores.

Electric Hospital Bed

This hospital bed is the one we recommend and sell to Ottawa customers. Press a button on a remote control, and a fully electric hospital bed adjusts from a flat position to a seated one. No manual labour is required, relieving the caregiver from over-exertion.

Full electric hospital beds also have height control functionality. The entire bed can be raised or lowered at will. If a patient needs a low hospital bed to safely get in or out of bed, this can be achieved easily.

Bariatric hospital beds also feature bed height adjustability. These specially-designed electric beds are used to support a higher weight capacity than a standard hospital bed can. 

Semi-Electric Hospital Bed

Much as their name implies, semi-electric hospital beds have some of the same functionality fully electric hospital beds do. For example, headboard and footboard adjustments are commonly electrically operated, but bed height is not.

Manual Hospital Bed

Unlike a fully electric or semi-electric bed, manual hospital beds require physical effort to change position. These adjustable beds require a hand crank to move into the desired position.

Best Hospital Beds for Home Use

Again, the best bed for you is one that meets your needs. Choices range from basic homecare hospital beds to medical-grade long-term care beds and bariatric models. A few we suggest are:

Span America Advantage Hospital Bed

The Advantage Bed by Span is fully adjustable with advanced electric positioning and locking abilities. It has a premium support surface and is coated in a specialized, easy-to-clean finish. Many upgrade options are available to enhance the bed.

Invacare ValueCare Hospital Bed

Invacare Value Care fully electric beds feature an intuitive hand pendant that patients and caregivers use to adjust body position and bed height easily. These ingenious beds are also highly adaptable; they include a manual hand crank (convenient during power outages).

Permobil Hälsa Hospital Bed

The Permobil Hälsa Bed is an electric adjustable homecare bed with several expansion options. With simple disassembly, it can be transported and stored easily.

Rotec International MultiPositions Hospital Bed

Rotec’s MultiPosition hospital bed provides a great balance between comfort and functionality. This authentic Canadian product provides easy adjustment for both the head and feet. This hospital bed comes with a cordless remote control.

Get Expert Advice From a Home Hospital Bed Specialist

We know finding home hospital beds can be a challenging process, so get started with confidence—speak with Conval-Aid’s very own hospital bed expert, Terry Lesiak, today. 

Terry works closely with occupational therapists (OTs) in the Ottawa area and (based on your specific requirements) can find and deliver the best bed directly to your home. We always try to carry beds in stock, so he might be able to address your needs right away.

As price often dictates hospital bed decisions, Terry takes the time to carefully break down the cost to either rent or buy a home hospital bed. One of the most frequent questions he hears is, “Is a hospital bed covered by health insurance?” While you can’t count on government assistance for medical beds, some supplemental insurance plans provide reimbursements for certain durable medical equipment (DME) expenses. Terry will help you determine if your hospital bed qualifies for any refunds.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Conval-Aid today. We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.


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