Rent Vs. Buy Hospital Bed Ottawa

You know you need to order a hospital bed for yourself or your loved one, but you’re unsure how to move forward. Are you aware that you have the option of either buying or renting your home hospital bed?

Choosing to rent vs. buy a hospital bed is a very personal matter, which will take a great deal of thought. Here is the background information you need to make the right decision for the best bedroom mobility aid.

When’s The Best Time To Rent?

Recovery will be temporary. To illustrate: the hospital bed might be needed due to a broken leg that requires traction. The injury is painful and inconvenient, to be sure, but normally it will heal within a few weeks. For a short-term use such as this, rental is clearly the best option.

Your budget is limited. A hospital bed or other home care equipment may be an unexpected expense, the result of an accident or sudden change in a health condition. When funds are tight, renting tends to be easier on your wallet. You will make monthly payments rather than having to cover the full cost of a hospital bed all at once.

You’d like to test it. Conval-Aid has an experienced, friendly hospital bed specialist on staff, who will walk you through the process of finding the most suitable bed and mattress for your needs. If you’d still like some time to try a bed out, you could rent short term and see how it works for you. When you’re ready to buy, some of your rental expenditures may be applied toward the cost.

When’s The Best Time To Buy?

The bed is required long term. When you expect to use a home hospital bed for more than a few months, it makes sense to buy. This is a purchase that will contribute substantially to quality of life, for example, if the user prefers to remain at home, instead of moving into a long-term care facility.

You need customization. Many health conditions may benefit from a customized hospital bed. For instance, a bed that offers the Trendelenburg position (tilting so that the patient lies flat while legs are elevated) can be beneficial if you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Full customization is possible when you buy rather than rent.

You want peace of mind. For someone who must spend many hours a day lying down, the hospital bed is an important part of his or her life. Our “home-style” beds give you a cosy feeling, blending naturally into your home setting. What’s more, you won’t have the hassle of worrying about damage or wear and tear, as you would with a rental. Simply put, it’s your bed.

Help In Making The Right Choice

Choosing the best hospital bed is easier when you know your options. And if you’re still not sure whether to rent vs. buy your hospital bed, talk to us. We have the knowledge and the patience to answer all your questions. We’ll also help you deal with funding and programs to help you cover costs, whether insurance companies or the ADP

Let us walk you through the process, from our initial contact right, through to when the bed is delivered and set up in your Ottawa-area home.


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