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It’s common to feel overwhelmed when searching for a patient lift, but with the right help, it doesn’t need to be stressful. Conval-Aid mobility equipment experts are available to guide you through the process and will help you find the best possible solution.

Often, a hospital representative or an Occupational Therapist gives the caregiver a list of equipment that must be secured before discharge is possible. We realize this is just one of many responsibilities you are faced with when preparing for a hospital-to-home modification for senior living.

Fortunately, everything you need is obtainable at Conval-Aid. We carry a large inventory of assistive lifting equipment in stock, most of which is displayed in our showroom. This allows you to become familiar with any required items before making a purchase or rental decision.

And in addition to providing delivery to service areas throughout the Ottawa region, we often work in conjunction with healthcare providers and Home and Community Care Support Services to problem solve during patient lift set-up and installation.

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Our Ottawa showroom is a great place to view a variety of patient lifts and transfer aids in action. Call us at 613-738-2721 Today or book an appointment with the Conval-Aid team!

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Our patient lift weight scale has a capacity of 600lb. Please book an appointment if transfer assistance is required.

What Is a Patient Lift?


A patient lift is an assistive device used by a caregiver to lift patients with limited mobility and safely move them from one place to another. These mechanical medical lifts are operated using either a power source (often a rechargeable battery) or manually via hydraulics.

They are designed to make patient handling easy by reducing the amount of physical effort needed for patient transfers from room to room or, for example, from a bed to a wheelchair or the bathroom. When properly used, they significantly decrease the risk of injury to patients and caregivers.

What Are the Different Types of Patient Lifts?

There are many models, sizes and configurations to help you find the best patient lifts for your situation. 

Depending on the user’s needs and environment, they can be free-standing, on wheels, or even mounted to the ceiling. It’s not uncommon to hear a patient lift referred to as a “Hoyer lift.” (Hoyer is technically a brand name, but it has become interchangeable with the transfer device itself.)

Floor lifts have a sturdy frame and use a sling or strap system to move the person being lifted. They are usually portable,

  • Full Body Lifts: Support the entire body weight of patients with little to no mobility.
  • Sit-to-Stand Lifts: Used for patients that can sit up and bear most of their weight while standing.

Ceiling-mounted (or ceiling-track) lifts are affixed to the ceiling of a home or assisted living facility. They utilize an electric motor to move, lower and raise a patient and are an ideal solution when space is a concern.

Some circumstances make transferring a patient more challenging. There are specially designed lifts for these situations, such as:

  • Bariatric Lifts (with a higher weight capacity)
  • Bath Lifts 
  • Pool Lifts


Slings are an integral part of the lifting system. They gently wrap around a patient’s body and secure the patient to the lift, safely supporting them during the transfer. They come in many sizes, shapes and materials, including quick dry mesh, ideal for bathing and toileting. Examples include:

  • Sit-to-Stand Back Straps
  • Divided Leg Slings / U-Slings
  • Split Leg Slings
  • Toileting Slings
  • Bathing Slings
  • Full body slings
  • Bariatric Slings

Many additional accessories have been developed to assist a caregiver with patient moves. Tools like these make the process safer and more efficient for all involved.

  • Transfer Belts & Slides
  • Transfer Boards & Platforms
  • Pivot Transfer Aids & Swivel Discs
  • Portable Threshold Ramps
  • Grab Bars
  • Scales
  • And much more!

In addition to the ARJO ceiling lift, you’ll find popular options like the Span America line or Joerns Hoyer Advanced, which includes everything from a minimal assistance device for those who are able to participate in their own transfer to fully powered models designed for patients in need of maximum assistance. We also feature Reliant lifts from Invacare that are ideal for high lifts for easy transfer to tubs, toilets and beds.

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Patient Lift FAQs

Contact us! One of Conval-Aid’s three full-time repair technicians will be happy to help. And, to avoid any inconvenience to your or your loved one, we loan out battery packs and patient lifts, so you’ll never be without your assistive device.

Patient lifts take up quite a bit of space, but there are many options to choose from. Some models fold and become compact enough to fit easily in a closet or the trunk of a car.

Yes, some models and configurations can safely lift a patient off the floor. The device will require a specific boom style (overhead beam) and sling/strap selection.

Retail prices vary, but patient lifts require an investment of several thousand dollars. The make, model, material, etc., will impact the final cost.

Some private insurance plans cover a portion of patient lift expenses. It’s best to contact your insurance company directly for coverage information.

How Do I Pick the Best Patient Lift?

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a patient lift. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Patient Age
  • Patient Strength
  • Patient Weight
  • Caregiver Capacity
  • Duration of Need
  • Space Available
  • Portability Requirements
  • Height Range
  • Cost

The mobility experts at Conval-Aid are available to answer any questions you have about patient lifts. Or, for additional information on Lifts take a look at our Lifts Guide

Should I Rent or Buy a Patient Lift?

Renting a mobility product is the perfect solution for short-term situations or when your loved one’s condition is in flux and may change over time. You’ll enjoy the affordable monthly payments and the flexibility it affords. 

For long-term, very predictable care, purchasing a patient lift may be the best option.

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