Patient Lifts – Transfer Lift Aids

Patient Lifts & Ceiling Lifts

Patient lifts are the safest way to allow caregivers to transfer clients from one surface to another, and allow for increased independence in the home. We carry a large selection of patient lifters, both manual and powered, as well as different sizes and configurations. There are so many variables to consider when looking at Lifts. Our friendly, experienced staff can make recommendations for the best equipment to suit your needs and your home.

Just like pool lifts, not all lifts and transfer aids need to be plugged in. The line of Reliant lifts from Invacare can be had with remote battery power and are capable of high lifts for easy transfer to tubs, toilets and beds.  Span America’s line of lifts are also very popular and range from minimal assistance models for those who are able to participate in their own transfer, to fully powered lifts designed for patients in need of maximum assistance.

Ceiling-mounted patient lifters known as ceiling track lifts are a popular lift and are used primarily when space concerns do not allow for any other solutions. We are proud to carry the ARJO ceiling lifts line and have set up a ceiling track lift in our showroom to demonstrate how easy and convenient ceiling lifts are to use. 

Our showroom is also a great place to try other transfer aids, such as the Superpole system, transfer belts and slides, transfer boards and more.

If you are interested in the many types of lifts we supply for automotive applications, take a look at Automotive Adaptations section on our site. 

For additional information on Lifts take a look at our Lifts Guide.