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What’s The Difference Between Vertical Wheelchair Lifts vs. Wheelchair Ramps?

What’s The Difference Between Vertical Wheelchair Lifts vs. Wheelchair Ramps?

Wheelchair ramps have long been a popular accessibility solution, but these days, vertical wheelchairs lifts are catching up fast. So which one is best for you?
Aluminum vs. Wooden Ramps: Which Should I Install?

Aluminum vs. Wooden Wheelchair Ramps: Which Should I Install?

When you have a wooden wheelchair ramp that is no longer in good safe shape, you’ll need to replace it. So what type of new ramp should you install?
6 of the Best Types of Wheelchair Ramps for Your Home

6 Types Of Wheelchair Ramps For My Home In Ottawa

Coming and going from your home in a mobility device, as well as getting around, should be easy. A ramp will make life accessible, whether short or long term. You just need to make sure you get the right one.
Meet The Team Geoff Duncan

Meet The Team: Geoff Duncan

With over 30 years at Conval-Aid, Goeff Duncan is an important and incredibly experienced member of our family business. He’s held the position of Sales Manager since 2004 but learned

COVID-19 Update

At Conval-Aid Inc, our priority is the safety of our employees and customers. We have been closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 and have taken the following measures:
Lady in a wheelchair out with friends in the winter

7 Tips For Managing Your Wheelchair In The Winter

Managing a wheelchair in winter can be difficult and stressful at times. With these tips, you'll be able navigate in a safe and secure manner.
We Are Open For Business During Ontario’s Stay-at-Home OrderLearn More