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Redefining Comfort and Mobility: Introducing Strongback Ergonomic Wheelchairs at Conval-Aid Inc.

At Conval-Aid Inc., we understand the importance of independence and comfort for individuals requiring wheelchairs. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer the innovative line of Strongback ergonomic wheelchairs! Beyond Traditional
types of wheelchairs

7 Types of Wheelchairs for Every Situation

In need of a wheelchair? Learn about all the different types of wheelchairs as well as which best fits your situation.
senior woman using automatic stair lift vs home elevator

Stair Lifts vs Home Elevators: What’s the Best Option for Me?

Can't decide between stair lifts vs. home elevators? Well - we've broken down the pros and cons of each and which one makes sense for you.
Best Mobility Bedroom Aids For The Elderly & Disabled

10 Best Mobility Bedroom Aids for the Elderly & Disabled

Using assistive devices in the bedroom significantly increases comfort, safety, and independence for seniors and those with mobility issues. Many bedroom mobility and safety aids provide welcome support for individuals
Best Patient Lifts

Best Patient Lifts for Home Use in 2023

Patient lifts and transfer aids are medical devices used to help lift or transfer patients with limited mobility, such as from a wheelchair to a bed. Too often, manual patient
Best Senior Bathroom Aids

10 of the Best Senior Bathroom Aids for the Elderly

Aging in place is easier than ever with safe and supportive bathroom aids. We've put together a list of the best items available, plus we offer tips and advice to help you find the right product for your need.