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Wheelchair Ramps and Porch Lifts

Freedom to Access Your Own Home

Don’t let a tricky entryway limit you from coming and going from your home. 

With access to the best home modification ramps and platform lifts on the market, Conval-Aid can help you enjoy the home you love for years to come. Regardless of the height and room limits, trust Conval-Aid to help find the product most suitable for you, your home and your budget.

Our preferred ramp supplier is National Ramp, as we prefer their line of grid decking that helps to control snow and water buildup, perfect for our cold and snowy Ottawa climate.

We’re Here to Help

If you require more assistance, would like a demonstration, or have questions, our friendly and experienced staff are always more than happy to answer your questions.

Call us, visit our store or contact us online. We’re here to help.

Exterior Lifts

We specialize in the reconfiguration of porches and decks, via ramps or lifts, to give you access to your home. Many exterior lifts operate like a simple open-air elevator. Working to raise and lower users either on foot or in their wheelchairs. Safety gates, solid foundations and proper install are critical to the long life and safe operation of your lift. 

Peace of mind in knowing that you do not have to relocate from your home is worth a phone call to Conval-Aid to discover what options are available.

Modular Ramps

Modular Ramps provide a quick and easy solution for access in and out of your home. Either for a permanent or temporary basis. Aluminum construction with a built-in non-ski surface and a 1000lb weight capacity ensure safety and confidence each time you use the ramp. With future considerations of moving, the innovative “tongue and groove” design allows ramps to be disassembled, reconfigured and relocated very easily.

Threshold Ramps

These Rubber Threshold Ramps from Harmar, provide a durable, clean and safe means of crossing uneven surfaces. Many of our clients have told us that navigating small steps and doorways can be a major detriment in the enjoyment of their home. 

A hidden dovetail locking system and incremental ramp height adjustment of up to 4 inches allows for easy and simple installations, with no permanent fixtures needed. The modular design makes these ramps a practical and affordable accessibility solution for indoor and outdoor use.

They are also light and portable enough that you can take them with you.