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Daily Living Aids

Daily Living

Aids for Everyday Life

Our daily living aids have been created to help users with their daily tasks; sleeping and getting out of bed (check out our guide on the best mobility aids for the bedroom), getting dressed and using the washroom, personal care and grooming, eating and socializing.

Some seemingly simple tasks can be extremely daunting if you have limited mobility. Just opening a jar, getting out of bed or using the washroom can be difficult if not impossible without some of our ingenious and often inexpensive aids. New products and aids are coming on the market continuously, so this list won’t represent everything we have available. As always, we recommend discussing your particular needs with one of our experts.

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We’re Here to Help

If you require more assistance, would like a demonstration, or have questions, our friendly and experienced staff are always more than happy to answer your questions.

Call us, visit our store or contact us online. We’re here to help.

Reaching Aids

Designed to help with picking up, placing or grabbing objects at a distance, we have several types and sizes of Reaching Aids from popular suppliers like Parsons ADL and Pik Stik.

Cooking, Eating & Drinking Aids

Special utensils with large ergonomic grips, stylish adult bibs, wide-mouth two-handed glasses, or bowls with an inner lip are just some of the products we can supply to make eating and drinking easier and faster.

Suction cup mounted cutting boards with food holding spikes, and an attached pivoting chef’s knife makes food prep easy. A tool for changing the heat on the stove, Jar Openers, pot and pan grippers and ergonomic knives should make food preparation a cinch.

We carry hundreds of products from Parsons ADL and Drive Medical, all focused on Cooking, Eating and Drinking. Reach out. We would love to help find a solution for your particular needs.

Household Aids

Staying in your own home for the foreseeable future means making sure you can take care of your space. We can offer many solutions like telescoping dusters, brooms and brushes, steps stools and anti-fatigue mats to really help make chores an easier proposition.

We offer additional household products like furniture risers, expandable door hinges, light switch extenders, doorknob grippers and self-opening scissors from top suppliers like Parsons ADL, Drive Medical and The ERP Group. If it is something in your house that isn’t working for you, we may have the solution

Bathroom Aids

Outfitting your bathroom with all of the necessities of daily living can add a considerable amount of satisfaction and independence back into your life. 

Popular senior bathroom aids like raised toilet seats with safety rails, grab bars and tub rails, transfer benches and bath chairs are just some of the products we stock for worry-free independence in the washroom.

Dressing and Grooming Aids

Dressing and grooming aids are designed to make dressing and personal care easy. Products range from something as simple as a long shoe horn to something as unique as a strap that allows women with limited mobility to independently put on a brassiere.

Many of the products in this category are simply modifications of existing products designed with limited mobility in mind. Toenail clippers with extra long handles, brushes, combs and sponges attached to poles or clips. There are many products out there that add loops or small hooks to ergonomic grips to allow for easy zipping or doing up buttons. These are just a sample of the dressing and grooming aids we offer from suppliers such as Drive Medical, Parsons ADL and the ERP group

Leisure and Communication Aids

Getting out, playing cards and meeting your friends is simply something you refuse to give up. And rightly so, as social activities are core to who you are and have been proven to speed the recovery process and improve quality of life.

We have a selection of cardholders, playing grips and low vision playing cards to aid in pursuing one of your favourite past times.

For those who users who need easy, comfortable access to tablets and smartphones, Conval-Aid stocks a large selection of stands, mounts and grips. We can install and customize mounts and stands on your chair, walker, scooter, bed, kitchen, car.  Or anywhere else you need easy access to your phone or tablet.

Visit our showroom to test your phone or tablet on any of our equipment. Our on-staff accessibility experts are here to help.

Mobility Aid Accessories

Conval-Aid’s selection of Mobility Aid Accessories has been selected and reviewed by our experienced staff to meet many diverse and challenging situations.  If you need a modification to your cane, walker, bed, washroom or wheelchair, you can also count on us.

Not just grips, feet, straps, stands, and cup holders, we have a diverse selection of accessories. From caregiver focused swivel discs that allow for easy turning and twisting transfers to portable threshold ramps, whatever your needs are, we have you covered. Our team can outfit and service your equipment right at our store.

We understand your circumstances and are here, ready to work with you to find solutions to your particular needs. Please call and book an appointment to speak with one of our staff experts. We are ready and willing to listen.

Bed Accessories

Sleeping and recovery go hand in hand. There are many accessories on the market designed for people who need help getting in and out of bed – such as the SuperPole. Even something as simple as a small foam wedge to help maintain specific recover positions can help tremendously in a patient’s rest and mood.

Blanket supports, ladders, bed pads and rails can all be fitted to our Hospital Beds and many standard home beds as well. Stands and racks for phones, tablets and touch screens are also popular accessories that we stock.

Come into our showroom to see and touch some of the bed accessories available from Conval-Aid from suppliers like Parsons ADL.

Alarms and Medication Dispensers

Conval-Aid can provide a full product line of medication timers, alarms, and pill reminders to ensure accurate dosage and that medical instructions are correctly followed.

If you, a patient or a loved one need any specific tools for providing alarms, alerts or reminders, please talk to one of our specialists, who can recommend a system or solution to any issue you may have.

Next Steps

As in all cases we encounter at Conval-Aid, every situation and every person is unique. Each client represents a specific set of challenges that we are always excited to explore. There are so many products and accessories available today, and so many new products in development that it is an exciting time to be in the Mobility Business.

Please reach out and talk with our experts, come down and visit our showroom and experience a relaxed atmosphere with an attentive staff who are excited to try and help.

I bought the SuperPole and a number of other items a number of years ago from Conval-Aid and just had a second one delivered and installed by them last week. Fast and cheerful service!

Yesterday the old pole started creaking, so I called Conval-Aid. I needed it moved, anyway. Today, the same installer came and quickly moved it and adjusted it. We are very pleased.

Thank you!!

– Anneke Dubash

May 30, 2017