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Home Modifications for Disabled & Seniors

Your One-Stop Shop for Home Modifications

For individuals facing mobility challenges, creating a safe and accessible environment at home is paramount.

This often involves implementing a range of modifications tailored to meet specific needs, such as installing grab bars, widening doorways, or other home modification or improvement projects. 

At Conval-Aid, we understand the importance of customized solutions, which is why we specialize in a wide array of home modifications.

With a commitment to empowering individuals and improving their quality of life, we offer a range of products and services designed to enhance accessibility and independence.

Learn More About The Home And Vehicle Modification Program

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For those with limited mobility, transferring from one place to another can be a daunting task. Patient lifts and transfer aids provide a safe and efficient solution. These aids come in various forms, including portable lifts, floor lifts, and sit-to-stand devices. They are designed to assist caregivers in transferring individuals with minimal effort and without causing strain or discomfort.


Ceiling lifts are a game-changer when it comes to transferring individuals with limited mobility. Installed directly into the ceiling, these lifts provide a smooth and secure way to move between rooms. They are particularly valuable in environments where space may be limited or where multiple transfers are required daily.


Lift chairs offer a blend of comfort and functionality. These specially designed recliners feature a lifting mechanism that gently assists individuals in standing up or sitting down. This can be a tremendous help for those with mobility challenges, providing them with greater independence within their own home.


Navigating staircases can be a significant challenge for individuals with mobility limitations. Stair lifts and glides offer a practical solution. These devices are installed directly onto the staircase, providing a smooth ride up or down. They can be customized to fit straight or curved staircases, ensuring a tailored solution for every home.


Wheelchair ramps are a fundamental home modification for creating accessibility in and around your house. Whether temporary or permanent, ramps provide smooth transitions over obstacles such as stairs or curbs. They can be customized in terms of length, material, and design to suit individual needs.


Porch lifts are invaluable for individuals who rely on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility. They provide a safe and convenient way to access elevated entrances, porches, or decks. With various models available, porch lifts can be customized to fit the specific layout of the home.


About The Home and Vehicle Modification Program

The Home and Vehicle Modification Program is a vital resource for individuals with disabilities or mobility issues seeking financial assistance for necessary accessibility modifications. This program aims to support individuals with disabilities in making their homes more accessible and their vehicles more adaptable. 

The process involves collaboration with an Occupational Therapist, who assesses the specific needs and recommends suitable modifications. Once a company (like Conval-Aid) is chosen to carry out the modifications, the program provides financial support to help cover the costs.

If you have any questions about how the program works, if you fit the eligibility criteria, or if you would like to discuss a certain home modification, give us a call or book an appointment today.

Conval-Aid is Here for You!

Creating an accessible living space is essential for individuals with mobility challenges. Conval-Aid is dedicated to providing tailored solutions through a range of home modifications. From patient lifts to wheelchair ramps, our products and services are designed to enhance independence and improve overall quality of life. 

With the support of programs like the Home and Vehicle Modification Program, individuals can take steps towards a safer, more accessible home environment. For further guidance on the program or to explore our range of products, feel free to reach out. Together, we can make your living space a place of comfort and accessibility.

I heard of Conval-Aid through some of my client’s and how pleased they were with the service they received.

When I developed physical problems and required medical equipment. I went to Conval-Aid and I was not disappointed.

Each time I gone to Conval-Aid, I am met with friendly knowledgeable staff.

Conval-Aid stand behind their products and provide excellent after sale maintenance.

I have been a costumer since the early 90’s and will go nowhere else. I continue to refer others to Conval-Aid. I feel Conval-Aid is the best because they are family owned and care.

If you require medical equipment go to Conval-Aid you won’t be disappointed!

– Carol Diane Chantal

June 27, 2020