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Washroom Safety

Bathroom Safety Equipment

Many of our clients tell us that shopping for Senior Bathroom Safety Equipment can be a daunting and challenging task. That should never be the case wherever your health and safety are at risk.

We strive to make the experience as easy and smooth as possible. Conval-Aid has an expansive showroom with specialists that can help you out when deciding what works best for you and your home.

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If you require more assistance, would like a demonstration, or have questions, our friendly and experienced staff are always more than happy to answer your questions.

Call us, visit our store or contact us online. We’re here to help.

Bath Benches and Chairs

Bath benches, bath chairs and stools allow for a safe, comfortable and stable place to sit while bathing. Many models of bathroom safety equipment can be equipped with suction cups, or friction grips mounted to the legs to help eliminate any chance of the bench moving or sliding. Some bench designs are made to work as transfer benches to get into and out of the tub or shower easily and safely.

Our large selection of bath benches, chairs and stools provides comfort and safety while showering or bathing. Most often made from light aluminum, with plastic seats and backrests.

SuperPole/Grab Bars

The Superpole is an award-winning modular support system designed for those requiring assistance with standing, transferring, or moving in bed.



Quick and easy to install / relocate. Installs by turning the jackscrew at the bottom of the pole. The screw “expands” the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole “rock solid” secure.

Ease of installation

Quick and easy to install / relocate. Installs by turning the jackscrew at the bottom of the pole. The screw “expands” the pole to create enough tension between the floor and ceiling to hold the pole “rock solid” secure.


Installs anywhere there is a floor and ceiling, placing transfer support directly where it is needed. Use it beside a bed, bath, toilet or chair. Custom ceiling heights available.


Clean and modern design will suit any decor.

No Damage Installation

Rubber pads on the ceiling plate and the floor plate hold pole secure and prevent marring of floor and ceiling, even stipple ceilings.

Grab Bars

Our Easy Mount Grab Bars provide safety and security and are ideally suited to assist you in any room of the house. With nine-hole flanges rather than the three-hole standard used in most bars, the Easy Mount™ offers greater versatility in installation than with systems. With nine holes, you are granted peace of mind with a more secure installation, and it is easy to add a mounting screw for peace of mind. Flange covers conceal the screws for a simple and modern finish, so you don’t have to compromise on the look of your bathroom for safety.

Raised Seats

Elevating the toilet seat is often necessary to allow for anyone with issues standing up from a sitting position. With easy installation and removal, we carry several versions of raised seats as well as other commode and toilet products.


Invisia Collection Accessories

Discreet washroom accessories Integrated with support rails and a weight capacity of 500lbs / 227kg!

Meticulously designed wall interface stems to render mounting areas virtually invisible.

While two-point contact with the wall structure is standard for most support rails and bathroom accessories, much of the Invisia Collection overachieves with up to 4 points of contact for maximum structural support.

The soap dish, corner shelf and toilet roll holder all feature beautiful shatterproof surfaces that resist the growth of mould and bacteria.

Invisia Bath Board

Provides convenient seating that doubles as a bath caddy, perfect for a glass of wine and a good book. The easily removable bench sits across the bathtub and is secured in place via adjustable traction feet for a custom fit.

Invisia Serena Seat

A brushed aluminum frame accents the natural beauty of the Brazilian walnut panels. The removable backrest conceals the screws of the 15.5″/39cm mounting brackets, providing maximum wall contact to deliver an astounding 500lbs/227kg weight capacity.

Invisia Toilet Roll Holder

Soft lines and graceful curves blend effortlessly with practicality and function. Corian® shelves provide ample space for toilet roll storage or other items, while the discrete handrail offers trustworthy support.

Invisia Soap Dish

Make a bold statement with this luxurious centrepiece. Features an easy to clean removable soap dish, highlighted by an elegant circular support rail that provides just the right amount of assistance.

Invisia Accent Ring

Add a touch of elegance and just the right amount of support with the Accent Ring. A unique and incredibly solid handrail designed to contour circular shower fixtures and provide support when accessing the controls.

Invisia Towel Bar

Add a little flair to any bathing area. The 16″/41cm or 24″/61cm towel bar provides ample space to display any towel set while the graceful arc of the integrated support rail creates a functional design element.

Invisia Corner Shelf

Sleek curves and clever practicality never go out of style. The shelf provides a generous surface that can be removed for easy cleaning while the reliable support rail is always within reach to offer a helping hand.

Bathroom Safety Equipment FAQs

When choosing bathroom safety equipment, it’s essential to consider the individual’s specific needs and consult with healthcare professionals or occupational therapists for personalized recommendations. Creating a safe and accessible bathroom environment not only prevents accidents but also fosters confidence and independence for those with mobility limitations.

The best toilet seat height for the elderly is one that improves bathroom safety. Generally, a higher seat height, typically around 17 to 19 inches, is recommended for seniors and individuals with mobility challenges. This higher height reduces the strain on their knees and back, making it easier for them to sit down and stand up independently.

If you don’t want to entirely replace the toilet, you can get a raised toilet seat. It will raise the height of your current toilet by 2 to 4 inches, making it easier to sit down and stand up with support. Conval-Aid has a range of raised seats and other bathroom safety products designed to increase comfort and ease of use.

When it comes to bathroom safety products, two popular options are grab bars and transfer poles. Both options will help improve your bathroom safety, but which one you choose depends on the bathroom’s layout, size, and the needs of the person using them.

Grab bars are mounted on the wall and offer a sturdy handhold for stability when entering or exiting the shower or using the toilet. Usually made of metal, they are secured directly to the wall, and the user must have fairly good upper body strength to pull themselves up.

On the other hand, transfer poles are freestanding, extending from floor to ceiling, and can be placed near the shower or toilet to assist with standing and transferring. These are typically adjustable, both in their position and placement, so it can be used for a variety of functions.

Transfer Bench

A transfer bench is a versatile option that allows individuals to safely sit down outside the bathtub or shower and then slide across to get in. This reduces the risk of slips and falls during bathroom transitions.

Shower Chair with Back

A shower chair with a backrest offers additional support and stability, providing a comfortable seating option for those who may require extra balance assistance.

Folding Chair

A folding shower chair is an excellent space-saving solution for smaller bathrooms. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use, making it convenient for both users and caregivers. 

Shower Stool

Ideal for individuals with mild mobility issues, a shower stool provides a compact and stable seat inside the shower, allowing users to maintain independence during bathing.

Bathroom safety equipment