What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm

Do you have more than one location?

Our location at 2600 Lancaster Road provides a one-stop shopping experience.

Do I need to book an appointment to schedule a medical equipment technical service?

Booking an appointment is highly recommended to avoid disappointment.  In some cases, emergency service may be available.

What is the charge for technical service?

Technical service is billed at an hourly rate of $60.00.

Can someone visit my home so I can look at equipment?

For larger home care equipment and mobility equipment, you may be able to schedule a visit with one of our sales representatives so that you can try the equipment in your own home.

Do you deliver or pick up?

Yes, for a small fee. If you need delivery outside the city of Ottawa, the fee is slightly higher.

Do you install grab bars?

Yes we do. Give us a call to book an appointment: 613-738-2721

Do you rent equipment?

Yes. We stock a wide range of rental equipment, including bath aids and wheelchairs. Most rental equipment is billed on a monthly basis. Shorter-term rentals may be available.

How much notice is required to rent an item?

Most bath equipment and standard wheelchairs are in stock, and ready to go. Specialized equipment may require some set up and we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

Do you have a catalogue? Why are all of your products not listed on the website?

Conval-Aid offers thousands of products. Please call us for advice—we are experts at directing you to the product that will best suit your needs. The products section of our website will give you an idea of the types of products that we carry. If you have a specific product or manufacturer in mind, the manufacturer’s website may be very helpful. Links to the websites of many of our manufacturers can be found on our links page.

Are you a manufacturer?

No. We distribute many makes and models of wheelchairs and other medical equipment.

How do I find out what funding agencies are available to the disabled?

Depending on your needs, Conval-Aid can provide you with the names of various funding agencies. In some cases Conval-Aid can invoice these sources directly if you are eligible. Please note that you are responsible for preparing and submitting your own funding application. Some funding agencies are:

What is the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (ADP)?

The ADP is an Ontario Ministry of Health funding program that partially covers the cost of mobility aids for those who qualify.

I am a veteran. How do I get answers to my funding questions?

If you are a veteran registered with DVA, the item you are interested in may be funded. If we can’t answer your question, we can direct you to the proper department.

What funding options are available to members of the First Nations or Inuit communities for purchasing health care equipment?

Your Non-Insured Health benefits will cover equipment if you qualify.

Can I claim my Conval-Aid purchase on my health insurance?

All insurance policies are different; however many items may be covered. Check with your insurance company for information on your policy.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a new foam mattress or hospital bed?

Most insurance policies currently cover much of the cost of a new foam mattress, providing you haven’t claimed one in the past five years, and subject to their eligibility criteria. Hospital bed costs are typically covered once in a lifetime by most health insurance policies. Please refer to your insurer for specific details on your policy.

Are you an ADP authorized dealer?

Yes. We invoice ADP directly for their portion when applicable.

I have private insurance for mobility devices. Do I still need to access ADP?

Yes. In most cases, your insurer will ask you to ‘exhaust any sources of provincial funding’ before they  reimburse. Most insurance companies will pay a portion of the remaining cost.

How do I find out if I am eligible for the Ontario Assistive Devices Program (ADP)?

Eligibility is not based on family income. The requirements are based strictly on the client’s long-term need for the equipment. An ADP registered authorizer can give you more information.

If I am eligible for ADP, how do I initiate the process for my wheelchair or walker purchase?

You must be assessed by an ADP authorized Occupational or Physiotherapist.

How do I find an authorized occupational therapist?

Conval-Aid can provide you with a list of private therapists, or you can call ADP directly for a list of all authorizers in the region. You can also phone the Champlain Local Health Information Network at 310.2222 (no area code) or Toll-free in Canada 1.800.538.0520 or visit https://www.champlainhealthline.ca/ to find health care providers and therapists in the Ottawa area.

What if I am receiving social assistance? Am I still eligible for ADP?

Yes. ADP is based on need.

How often will ADP pay for new equipment?

When your equipment is worn out or your physical condition changes, ADP will help fund new items. Check with your authorizer for more details.

Is there ADP funding for ostomy supplies and equipment?

Yes. If you require ostomy supplies on a permanent basis, the Assistive Devices Program will assist