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Renting is an Easy, Affordable, Short-term Alternative to Purchasing

If you require our mobility products for a short period, or until you qualify for a funding program, rent with Conval-Aid. Renting mobility equipment can also help with making a purchasing decision, acting as an extended trial period for mobility equipment, which can help with a final mobility prescription.

Just like our equipment sales, we work closely with you to ensure that any equipment you rent from us is customized to work for you.

What Can I Rent?

Conval-Aid provides customers with a wide variety of mobility equipment to rent, including wheelchairs, walkers and scooters. We also rent additional and complementary products like bathroom safety equipment, modular ramps, hospital beds, lift chairs, transfer equipment, pediatric equipment and much more!

Whether you’re ready to rent mobility equipment or need some guidance and direction, book an appointment with Ottawa’s top mobility equipment supplier! If you have any questions regarding pricing, please give us a call!

For the latest pricing and availability, contact us online or call us at 613-738-2721

Try Our Free-To-Use Wheelchair Weight Scale! 

Our wheelchair-accessible “roll on” weight scale has a 1000lb weight capacity. Please book an appointment if transfer assistance is required.

Wheelchairs & Equipment Rentals

At Conval-Aid, we’re happy to provide a vast array of rental wheelchair equipment from manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, child wheelchairs, wheelchair cushions and backs to handy accessories.

Although it may be temporary, we want everyone to have access to the best wheelchair equipment through our rental services.

Wheelchair Types:

  • Wheelchair Std. (Tracer EX2)
  • CAT 2 Wheelchair (Breezy 600, Patriot)
  • CAT 3 Wheelchair (Quickie 2, Sports)
  • Extra-Wide Wheelchair (20″-22″)
  • Power Chairs
  • Transport Chair
  • Wallaby Kids Chair
  • Tilt/Recline Chair
  • Broda Chair

Wheelchair Cushions & Backs:

  • Roho/Jay/Supreme/Jay Solution
  • Gel Cushion (Pilot/Action)
  • Wheelchair Backs (Prism, MatrX)

Wheelchair Accessories:

  • Elevating Legrest for Wheelchair
  • Wheelchair Tray

Wheelchair Safety Attachments:

  • Amputee Board

Walker Rentals

We facilitate a wide variety of rental walkers for any situation requiring assistance with balance and stability when walking. From high-quality aluminum walkers, child walkers, knee walkers, to walkers with seats and gutters. We offer a variety of walkers with no wheels, two front or four non-swivel wheels. All our walkers are designed to be easily customized, resulting in your transportation becoming safe and comfortable.


  • Aluminum Std. Type 1
  • Wallaby Kids
  • Aluminum w/ Wheels
  • Type 2 w/ Seat & Basket
  • Type 3 w/ Seat & Basket
  • Stand-up Walker w/
  • Wheels
  • Walker w/ Gutter
  • Knee Walker

Scooter Rentals

At Conval-Aid, our showroom displays a selection of high-grade electric scooters for rent. All intended for easy and liberating transportation. We provide both transportable and standard electric scooter. Our rental electric scooters are available in both three and four-wheel configurations and have optional accessories such as rear baskets, cupholders and cane holders.


  • Pride Victory10 – 4 wheeler
  • Fortress 1700TA – 4 wheeler
  • Fortress 1700TA – 3 wheeler

*An on-site assessment is required to determine the correct configuration and in most cases a minimum rental period is required.

Modular Ramps Rentals

Having a visitor that requires a ramp? Need to stay off your feet during a recovery period? No problem! Our rental program can provide you with a non-permanent solution to make getting in and out of your home enjoyable and worry-free. We are happy to visit your location and provide the assessment as well as the installation.

Our modular ramp systems are flexible in design with numerous colour finishes and commercial-grade options to fit seamlessly into your landscaping. We only rent ramp systems that are free-standing and are not permanently attached to your house, business or place of residence. Once you no longer need the ramp we will remove it and return your entrance to the same condition we found it.

Ramp Rentals:

  • Threshold Ramp
  • 3 Foot Ramp
  • 5 Foot Ramp
  • 6 Foot Ramp
  • 10 Foot Ramp

Hospital Beds & Equipment Rentals

Our showroom displays many high-end hospital beds and hospital bed equipment to meet your rental requirements. We provide rentals in hospital beds, specialty mattresses, and hospital bed safety equipment and accessories. Our hospital bed rentals are installed with user-friendly controls to adjust the upper body and knees to ensure a comfortable and relaxing.

Hospital Beds & Equipment:

  • Basic Upgraded Foam
  • Energia, Conforma, Renew
  • PressureGuard CFT
  • Pressure Relief Mattress
  • Hospital Bed Equipment
  • Electric Hospital Bed
  • Safety Sides
  • Overbed Table or Trapeze bar

Bathroom Safety Equipment Rentals

At Conval-Aid, our showroom contains a large selection of high-quality bathroom safety equipment for your review, rental and/or purchase. Due to the very important and sensitive nature of this topic, we have developed many strategies over the years to ensure we recommend the correct equipment for your particular needs. We encourage anyone looking to purchase or rent Bathroom safety equipment to make an appointment with one of our caring experts who can help assess your needs and recommend the best products, proper installation and demonstrate their proper use.

Bathroom Safety Equipment Rentals:

  • Bath Seat (With or Without Back)
  • Bath Board
  • Aquatec Bath Lift
  • Transfer Tub Bench, Non-Padded
  • Transfer Tub Bench, Padded
  • Commode-Std. Adj.Height
  • Commode-Drop Arm
  • Commode-Wheeled w/Drop Arm
  • Shower Commode, self-propelled
  • Raised Toilet Seat w/Arms
  • Raised Toilet Seat no/Arms
  • Toilet Seat Elevator (Inst.$30)
  • Toilet Safety Frame (Inst.$30)
  • Tub Rail

Lift & Transfer Aid Rentals

Our lift and transfer aid rentals provide patients with safe and efficient ways to transfer from one room or surface to another. For temporary use or to support a guest, renting our lift and transfer aid equipment creates natural movement throughout the home. We provide several transfer aid options from various patient lifts, rails, trapeze bars to other transfer aid equipment. Our goal is to make navigating your home efficient and accessible.

Lifts & Transfer Aid Equipment:

  • Superpole no/ Bar
  • Superpole w/ Bar
  • Unifit-Extension
  • SuperTrapeze
  • Trapeze Bar Floor Stand
  • Assista-Rail
  • Smart Rail
  • Patient Lifter (With Slings)
  • Invacare Reliant-Manual
  • Invacare Reliant-Power (Includes Sling)
  • Ceiling Lift

Rental Rates, Delivery & Installation

Rental Rates

Conval-Aid provides mobility equipment rental rates in monthly or semi-monthly payments. Rented mobility equipment requires to be in use for 1 to 14 days to qualify for a semi-monthly rate. And from 15 to 30 days, you are eligible for our monthly rates. We believe these rental rates give our customers flexibility, giving you the choice of short or long-term renting.

We can also assist customers with funding applications, whether it be with the government, their insurance company or other providers.

Delivery & Installation

Conval-Aid provides both daily deliveries and installations, Monday through Friday, to ensure your mobility equipment is functioning accordingly. Our goal is to provide you with an understanding of your mobility tools on the day of your delivery. Once we receive the delivery of your equipment at our showroom, we will schedule the installation.

All installations are tax applicable.

Cleaning, Maintenance and Tuneups

All products and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using our on-site HubScrub Machine. We can clean and disinfect your wheelchair, returning it to you sparkling like brand new.

We always service what we sell and rent. If you have any issues with your equipment, our mobile, factory-trained technicians will work quickly to get you back on the road.

Search no more! Expert knowledge, total focus on individual needs, circumstances and preferences. Our main contact has been with Teena. Other staff members have also been consistently efficient and considerate.

– Ilze Caunitis

Jan 2020