Ottawa’s Best Selection of Manual and Power Wheelchairs

Conval-Aid proudly offers a diverse line of wheelchairs from all the biggest brands. More importantly, we do wheelchair customizations right on-site with our manufacturer certified technicians. Our team of technicians can also design and manufacture adaptive pieces customized to your specific needs.

We are committed to providing the right wheelchair for your specific medical situation. We supply an extensive line of manual and power wheelchairs, each tailored to your needs through customization, adjustability and user-friendly instructions.

No matter the type of wheelchair: manual, powered or folding wheelchairs, there’s a wide range of selection to choose from in our showroom.

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Wheelchair weight scale in Ottawa

Ottawa’s Best Choice for Wheelchairs

Our Ottawa showroom is a great place to view a variety of wheelchairs in action. Call us at 613-738-2721 Today or book an appointment with the Conval-Aid team!

Try Our Free-To-Use Wheelchair Weight Scale! 

Our wheelchair-accessible “roll on” weight scale has a 1000lb weight capacity. Please book an appointment if transfer assistance is required.

Elevate your life with the Jazzy Air Power Wheelchair from Pride Mobility

Manual Wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair is a self-moving mobility product unaccompanied by battery-powered technology. Our variety of manual wheelchairs are classified under self-propel, requiring the user to move their arms to travel, and companion propelled, requiring a caregiver to push the wheelchair.


Extensive Customization

User-Friendly Operation

Efficient Adjustability

Smooth Portability

High-Quality Material

Standard Wheelchairs

  • Catalyst 4, 5 KiMobility
  • Quickie 2
  • Helio – C2, A7, Move from Motion Composites

Extra-Wide Wheelchairs

  • PDG Eclipse – Bariatric
  • (most chairs are available up to 22”)

Children’s, Youth and Pediatric Chairs

  • Helio C2 – Motion Composites
  • Clic – Ki Mobility
  • Twist – Ti Lite/permobil
  • Quickie – Xcape

Transport Chairs

  • Invacare Transport chair – porter style chair
  • Airgo transport chair line (drive medical)

Tilt/Recline Chairs

  • PDG Fuze T50, T20
  • PDG Stellar GLT
  • Sunrise Quickie Iris / SR45
  • Invacare Solara CG also Concept 45
  • NEOX

Specialty and Sport Chairs

  • Ti Lite
  • Quickie Q7
  • RGK Hi Lite

Ready to get started?

Give us a call at 613-738-2721 or contact us online. Our specialists will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Power Wheelchairs

A power wheelchair is an electrically powered mobility product created for more controlled transportation. Power wheelchairs contain battery propelling technology performing an average of 8 km per hour at top speed. Handheld control joysticks are found on either the left or right, depending on the user’s preference.

Most power chairs can be easily expanded and modified by Conval-Aid to include power tilt/recline and hi-end drive controls such as sip and puff, head arrays etc.


Extensive Customization

User-Friendly Controls

Ergonomic Stability

Traverse Over Multiple Terrains

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Travel Powered Wheelchairs

  • Go-go series from Pride Mobility / Quantum

Basic Powered Wheelchairs

  • Invacare Nutron
  • Pride/Quantum Q4, Jazzy Series
  • Invacare ROVI X

Mid-Drive Power Wheelchairs

  • Q6 Edge 2.0, 3.0
  • Quickie QM710
  • Quickie Xperience
  • Invacare TDX SP
  • Permobil C400

Front Drive Power Wheelchairs

  • Quantum 4 Front

Rear Drive Power Wheelchairs

  • Quickie Xplore
  • Quickie 646SE
  • Invacare Torque

Specialty and Sports Power Chairs

  • Magic Mobility  – true off-road chairs with 4×4 drive wheels.

Sizes from Pediatric to Bariatric and everywhere in-between are available with the majority of our power chairs. If you are in need of a pediatric chair in manual or power, we recommend talking with one of our experts who can guide you in the selection of a chair that will best satisfy your needs.

Wheelchair Accessories

Our extensive showroom exhibits an array of wheelchair accessories establishing a more accessible, safe and user-friendly wheelchair. Our wheelchair accessories are simple to install and uninstall at any given time.

We Have...

My wife has back problems at her computer. Conval-Aid had all the different Obusforme types, so she was able to try each along with expert advice. She's very happy with the one we bought (not one that you find at drug stores).

– John Sankey

Aug 2020

Wheelchair Parts and Repairs

Your wheelchair is a sophisticated piece of machinery and, from time to time, you’ll be in need of wheelchair parts. We stock a large assortment of generic wheelchair and walker parts, as well as a large supply of manufacturer and model specific parts from the popular brands.

Make an appointment with one of our manufacturer technicians for an assessment of your wheelchair, supplying a warranty service for every wheelchair we offer. Our expert technicians will evaluate the condition of your wheelchair and request a repair or an upgrade.

We Repair...

Access funding for Your New Wheelchair

We assist customers with funding applications, whether it be with the government, their insurance company or other providers. We work alongside our customers’ Occupational Therapists to make the wheelchair buying process smooth and efficient. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled service, which, in turn, creates assurance that when you buy a wheelchair from Conval-Aid, it’s made to fit you perfectly.

Here in Ontario, most chairs are sold through funding programs and fit into different groupings (Types). 

We Can Help you apply

Give us a call at 613-738-2721 for more information. While we are not Funding Experts, we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have in regards to disability programs, funding, and what you may qualify for.

Renting or Buying a Wheelchair?

Not sure whether to buy or rent a wheelchair? If you require a wheelchair for a short period, or perhaps as a means of transitioning into a scooter, our rentals are the perfect solution for you.

How to Buy a Wheelchair

Wondering where to start? Conval-Aid aims to be the best mobility and wheelchair resource in Ottawa. Whether you’re looking to buy a wheelchair, or if you’re interested in wheelchair rentals in Ottawa, we offer plenty of options to fit your specific wheelchair needs.

Amazing people at Conval Aid! They understood my concerns and promptly built and delivered my mother's wheelchair. This company shows sympathy and empathy. Stuart Ed went over and above any service I have ever received. I highly recommend this family owned business.

– Lily Gen

Mar 1, 2020