Wheelchair accessories impact the way you live, adding comfort, style and efficiency to your everyday life. We have installed and customized thousands of chairs and accessories over the years and have seen first hand how something as simple as a cup holder can ease the everyday struggles of our clients.

But how do you know which accessories best suit your needs? Whether you own a power or manual wheelchair, the choices can seem practically endless.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of must-have wheelchair accessories that’ll upgrade the way you travel and live! We carry quality brands such as Parsons ADL and Diestco, who are committed to providing wheelchair consumers with products that make life easier.

1. Wheelchair Gloves

For those who own manual wheelchairs, you understand how navigating can have an impact on your hands. The steering, speeding, stopping; it all can take a toll. Wheelchair gloves give your hands protection and comfort. The double padded gloves still provide you control while supporting your hands in the day-to-day repetitive movements.

2. Cupholder

A cupholder is an essential accessory. Navigating with your morning cup of Joe or bottle of water can be awkward when you have no place to secure it from dropping or spilling. Your cupholder will keep your drink nicely snug and accessible.

3. Cane/Crutch Holder

Attaching a cane or crutch holder to the back of your wheelchair is a safe way to keep both necessities close. This handy accessory secures your cane and or crutches from falling and getting lost. These holders are manufactured to lock in the heaviest of canes and crutches.

4. Wheelchair Portable Ramps

We understand the frustration when there are no ramps installed at a desired location. One way to avoid this from happening is by owning a portable wheelchair ramp. The light and solid material allow for easy access while not being a burden to carry around. Even the heaviest of wheelchairs will hold strong when travelling over a curb or set of steps.

5. Wheelchair Baskets/Bags

Storing all your stuff in one place keeps you organized, having to worry less about where you put your smartphone, wallet or keys. Wheelchair baskets and bags are spacious accessories, a vault to deposit all your important day-to-day essentials.

6. Oxygen Tank Holder

Holding an oxygen tank can be a huge inconvenience. It’s heavy and oddly shaped. Equipping an oxygen tank holder removes any disruptions and lightens your load. Don’t just strap a tank to your chair, use a holder specifically made to secure an oxygen tank.

7. Wheelchair Trays

Holding food or a writing assignment in your lap can be messy. Attaching a tray to your wheelchair gives you a solid surface to do all sorts of things. From eating to writing, wheelchair trays help keep the busy user organized and efficient.

8. Cushions

As stated previously, using a wheelchair all day without the right support can be an uncomfortable experience. Adding your own wheelchair cushion solves that issue, giving users comfort, support and stability for an all-day excursion. 

At Conval-Aid, these are sold with the original purchase of the wheelchair and every 2 years, customers are eligible for a new seat upgrade.

Conval-Aid’s Got You Covered

If you’re looking for some wheelchair accessories to improve your wheelchair, trust the Conval-Aid staff. Our team of experienced professionals will walk you through each accessory and pinpoint which ones are right for you. If you only need these accessories short-term, we have rental options available

Call us at 613-738-2721 or book an appointment online with our product specialists.

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