What Is A Modular Ramp & The Benefits Of Installing One?

When you want to make your home or business wheelchair accessible, a modular ramp might be exactly the solution you are looking for. One of the most popular types of wheelchair ramp, modular ramps provide convenient and safe access, all in one easy-to-use product. Find out more.

What Is A Modular Ramp?

A modular ramp is made of individual factory-manufactured sections, including components for the ramp itself, landings, footings, and handrail. These sections are assembled on site, at the front door or other entrance to your residential or commercial premises, according to the layout that best suits the site configuration and your needs.

Modular wheelchair ramps offer accessibility for users of all types of mobility aids: wheelchairs, walkers, mobility scooters, canes, and crutches. They also accommodate strollers.

Benefits Of A Modular Ramp

Secure & Safe

Modular wheelchair ramp sections are made of sturdy aluminum and are designed to fit together securely, with safety handrails for ramps over 1.8 metres in length or 15 centimetres in height. Most modular aluminum ramps can safely hold a weight of 385-450 kilos to accommodate the wheelchair user plus their equipment. 

Opt for a non-slip surface — either textured or mesh — as an extra safety feature. Some residential users choose to have a modular ramp installed inside their attached garage for protection against uncomfortable or slippery weather conditions because they provide the safest walking surface.

Superior Durability

The parts of modular ramp systems are lightweight yet surprisingly strong. To add even more durability, choose powder-coated components, which will resist corrosion, flaking, scratching, and general wear and tear. Because the ramp has a long service life, it may be sold when you no longer need it.

Easy Installation

No excavation is necessary when installing modular ramps. The components of a modular ramp system can be easily fitted together, making for quick installation. Usually, it will take only a few hours for trained technicians to install the ramp to your specifications, and in most cases, building permits are not necessary. 

Compare this to the slow, complex process of custom constructing wooden ramps! Your ramp may also be readily disassembled when you are about to move or once it is no longer needed.

Flexible Customization

The modular ramp system may be customized to fit your lot. Choose among several configurations, such as straight, switchback, or L-shaped. The system is flexible enough to be installed around obstacles like trees. You can modify the ramp’s existing structure after installation by adding, removing, or relocating sections.

Simple Repairs

Repairs are simple, quick, and inexpensive. If there is damage to any section of modular ramps, the damaged portion may be uninstalled and replaced. This reduces costs and mobility downtime.

What’s The Difference Between Portable & Modular Ramps?

Portable Ramps

  • For temporary use 
  • Lightweight
  • Travel friendly
  • Easily loaded into a van to facilitate accessibility wherever you go
  • May be moved away from the entrance when not required
  • Lengths of .6 – 3.65 metres

Modular Ramps

  • For short or long term use
  • More durable
  • Long-lasting; may be resold if no longer needed
  • Manufactured to ADA standard
  • Usually left in one location, though ramp can be modified as needed
  • Unlimited length, in increments of 1.2 metres 
  • Aluminum construction

Find The Right Ramp

Choose the right ramp for your needs. Speak to a Conval-Aid specialist in accessibility solutions for friendly professional information about wheelchair ramp installation.


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