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Entrances and exits should be hassle-free for everyone, yet for many, this is not the case. A threshold can pose a frustrating hazard, impeding the ability to pass through doorways. Thankfully, there is a simple solution that smooths the transition over obstacles: the threshold ramp.

Perfect for a wheelchair, scooter, cane, or walker users, a threshold ramp allows freedom of mobility. Discover how to choose the right threshold ramp that will immediately improve accessibility for all.

What Is a Threshold Ramp?

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Unlike more permanent solutions, such as modular aluminum ramps or exterior lifts, threshold wheelchair ramps are designed to be used over raised landings, the tracks of sliding glass doors, or even small curbs or steps. 

A threshold ramp provides a slightly inclined platform that removes barriers and allows for a safe and smooth transition from one area to another. It’s a helpful mobility aid that makes everyday life easier.  

Benefits Of A Threshold Ramp

Size and Style Options

Doorway threshold heights can vary; therefore, these aids are offered in a range of sizes. You’ll find options from 1.25 cm to over 10 cm high (½” to approx. 4″ high). Be sure to measure your entrance carefully—including the space around it—to determine the optimal length and width of your ramp. 

As for colour and style, most threshold ramps are manufactured from aluminum, featuring a silver look or heavy black rubber.


Many threshold ramps are portable and relatively lightweight, meaning they are intended to be moved around and used where needed. Depending on the style, some self-supporting models can be used inside or outside your home or business. A variety of options that permanently attach to an entryway are also available.

High Load Capacity

A threshold ramp is built to be durable and sturdy. In addition, certain models provide sturdy support at very high weights.

Cost Savings

As compared to other wheelchair options for your Ottawa home, threshold ramps are a highly cost-effective way to make transitions easier for anyone dependent on a mobility device.

Types of Threshold Wheelchair Ramps

There are many wheelchair threshold ramp options available. 

Before purchasing a ramp, identify all problem areas. For example, you’ll often find that the height of a threshold outside a door is different from the height inside. It’s important to select the right ramp for each transition point.

Next, measure the area where you plan to install the ramp and select the best model to meet your needs. 

Your choices include:

Rubber Threshold Ramps

A popular choice, rubber threshold ramps are easy to install. They are self-supporting and commonly butt up against a landing to create a seamless transition. Also, they are made of recycled tires which makes them highly durable and keeps the price point low. 

Although some rubber ramps come in one piece, many are modular or trimmable. This flexibility allows you to get the perfect fit for your space.

You can find rubber threshold ramps for both indoor and outdoor use. They’ll never rust, but the walking surface can become slippery during our cold and icy Ottawa winters. 

Aluminum Threshold Ramps

Another solution for problem doorways to consider is the aluminum threshold ramp. These ramps are offered as a plate secured to the door’s base with a lip resting on the threshold itself or as a self-supporting model. Both feature an inclined platform best suited for rises of roughly 7.5 cm (3″) or less. 

Aluminum threshold ramps frequently have a non-slip grip surface designed to be safe indoors and outside during inclement weather.

Adjustable Threshold Ramps

An adjustable ramp is ideal for doorways where the landing does not fit the height of a standard threshold ramp. Some models can accommodate up to 22 cm or 9 inches. It is also perfect in situations where the threshold is a bit higher or lower on one side.

Under normal circumstances, raised landings and uneven surfaces can be very hard for a wheelchair to maneuver, but the adjustability of these threshold ramps allows for a smooth transition.

Bariatric Threshold Ramps

Specifically designed to sustain higher weights, bariatric threshold ramps provide sturdy support for any situation. These ramps can hold up to 800 pounds, which is especially important for bariatric patients or individuals who utilize extra-heavy electric scooters or wheelchairs.

Choose the Perfect Threshold Ramp

Conval-Aid is here to help. We’ll explain how threshold wheelchair ramps provide a simple and safe way to improve accessibility. We’ll answer all your questions and help you identify the right size ramp as well. Chat with one of our service specialists today.