Terry Lesiak Conval-Aid Ottawa

Terry Lesiak is a valued long-term member of the Conval-Aid family business. Customers who know him as our helpful hospital bed and mattress specialist might be surprised to hear he started out in a very different department. 

Yes, for his first few years at Conval-Aid, Terry was employed in handling our shipping and receiving! However, the previous owner of Conval-Aid, Don Ed, thought he would be a great fit in our hospital bed and mattress sales division.

Long story short, Terry has been busy advising clients on their hospital bed and mattress purchases since 2004!

Consistency Builds Client Confidence

Terry’s workday includes plenty of variety. In-house appointments, assessments, bed and mattress deliveries, price quotes, equipment orders, and visits to clients’ homes make his “routine” anything but. 

There is one constant, though: as Terry emphasizes, “When you deal with Conval-Aid, you work with the same person throughout the whole process. The clients get me from the time they walk through the door to installing the equipment at their homes.”

That consistency builds confidence and trust. Clients feel comfortable asking Terry any questions they may have, confident he will provide informed and sensitive answers.

Gathering Essential Information

In his first appointment with a new customer, he makes a point of finding out more about the end user – their condition and their needs. With that key information, he can recommend the best options for each individual situation. He provides details as to what different beds, makes, manufacturers, models, and price points are out there. This allows every client to make an informed decision.

One essential: When purchasing a hospital bed and mattress, Terry recommends taking the time to investigate your insurance coverage. Often people are totally unaware of what their policy will cover.

As he walks clients through the process, Terry draws on his abundant supply of patience. He recognizes that he is dealing with concerned families, as well as people who are not in the best of health. His role, as he sees it, is trying to make their lives easier and more comfortable.

In his time off, Terry is into sports in a big way. While he’s “jonesing” to get back his beloved baseball, football, and hockey, currently due to coronavirus restrictions he is playing a lot of golf – one sport that still allows for safe social distancing.

Want To Work With Terry?

If you think Terry would be a perfect fit for you, book an appointment and ask for Terry. Or you can call 613-738-2721 and input Terry’s extension number. 

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