Best Patient Lifts

Patient lifts and transfer aids are medical devices used to help lift or transfer patients with limited mobility, such as from a wheelchair to a bed. Too often, manual patient transfers can result in caregiver back injuries. 

From simple pivoting aids to full electric lifting, a person’s weight-bearing ability should be considered first.

Conval-Aid offers a wide range of products designed to help families and individuals maintain independence, adapt to change, or make everyday life easier. 

Below are some lift options we have, so you can choose the best patient lift for home use and make your patient lift easy and safe. We have all types of home patient lifts, including hydraulic power lifts, manual lifts, bariatric lifts, floor lifts, and many other kinds of assistive devices.

As mentioned, the weight-bearing ability will determine the type of aid required.

1. Etac Turner Pro

This is a turn aid that offers safe patient turning with standing support. Its functional design enables good posture and encourages a natural standing or sitting position. Etac Turner Pro is compact, weighing only 7.5kg, and is easy to grip, move, and transport with minimum floor space.

2. Etac Molift Riser Pro

This ergonomic sit-to-stand lift gives the user a chance to use their own weight and muscle power during a transfer. It has an adjustable knee pad that has lateral support for a comfortable, secure standing position, and the versatile design of the handle allows both the user and the caregiver many grip possibilities. 

This platform is designed with patient safety in mind while also ensuring healthcare workers perform transfers with minimum risk of injury. 

3. Span Standing Transfer Aid

Span America Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

A mobility device for patients who are able to participate in their own transfers from a seated position, this aid has an adjustable u-shaped base that can accommodate chairs and commodes. Multiple safety features include locking rear casters and attachment hooks for optional support belts.

When weight bearing becomes more limited, a bit more help is required with electric lifts

4. Span Electric Sit-To-Stand

For patients requiring a moderate level of assistance, this powered sit-to-stand mobility tool allows for safe, efficient transfers between positions. It has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lb (228 kg), and a wide, non-slip footplate for a stable transfer base. 

5. F500S Powered Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift

Designed for patients requiring moderate assistance, the sit-to-stand hydraulic lift is an essential tool for safe patient transfers. Compact and easy to maneuver in a variety of settings, the F500S delivers a winning combination of safety, simplicity, and value.

For full electric lifting for transferring, consider these:

6. Hoyer Advance-E Power Lift

These battery-powered Hoyer lifts are compact, yet able to perform a wide range of transfers. It has a unique tapered leg design which allows the lift to get close to the widest obstacles, such as large chairs, bulky commodes, and wheelchairs.


Span America Full Body Patient Lift
  • Weight capacity: 341 lb
  • Lifter weight: 70 lbs
  • Lifting range: 66.5 inches
  • 2 x 12 volt rechargeable battery

7. Span America F500P Full Body Patient Lift

This battery-powered overhead heavy duty lift comes with a six-point spreader bar to accommodate full body slings, a backlit LCD display, and provides overload protection with alerts and lift halting when capacity is exceeded. It has an easy base width adjustment that includes a locked position and accommodates chairs and commodes.


  • Weight capacity: 500 lb
  • Manual emergency lowering
  • Quick-release battery
  • Can be used for floor extractions

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