Mobility Assessment Space Ottawa

As a professional Occupational Therapist (OT), you want the best for your clients. And as specialists passionate about mobility equipment and health care products, we do too. That is why we offer a dedicated Mobility Assessment Area within our health care equipment showroom, for occupational therapists to meet with their clients and use free of charge.

What Is A Mobility Assessment Space?

The Mobility Assessment Space at Conval-Aid is a special area for fitting mobility aids; most frequently wheelchairs. The Client, OTs, and our equipment specialists meet together to test fit and adjust the equipment in privacy and comfort. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive – we offer coffee and Wi-Fi service, and encourage you to take your time.

What Is The Process?

1. Booking. The process starts when you, as the OT, call your sales representative at Conval-Aid. (If you don’t have a rep yet, we’ll be glad to connect someone to you.) You’ll provide the details of your client’s needs and what category of wheelchair or other sort of equipment he or she is looking for, and we’ll book the assessment area at a convenient time for the fitting.

2. Equipment Prep. Based on your information, your rep will pull the necessary equipment from our stock and prepare it for fitment.

3. Further Adjustment. When you and your client visit the Mobility Assessment Area, we will further adjust the back angle, height, and fit to suit the client. Other customizations or products may be needed depending upon the client, so we can pull whatever is needed from our stock at the time of assessment.

4. Prescription & Final Fitting. We’ll then work in conjunction with the prescribing OT to determine the appropriate size, seating requirements, and options/specifications of the equipment.

Why Use Our Mobility Assessment Space?

1. Our space is clean, tidy, discreet, and quiet, a pleasant alternative to meeting at the hospital or clinic. PS: We provide free parking, as well.

2. The room is large-sized (250 square feet), and fully equipped, right down to an overhead track lift to transfer clients as required. There is also a desk with Wi-Fi access for you to take notes and fill out any necessary paperwork.

3. An in-shop assessment is very convenient. We have a full range of resources right at hand – technicians, equipment, parts, and tools. You will find it simple to fine-tune or correct your initial client profile, if needed.

Why Work With Conval-Aid?

We have established excellent long term working relationships with a number of Ottawa occupational therapists and clinicians. Apart from equipment assessments, much of our contact with OTs is via phone or email. (We know how busy you are and try to streamline our communication!)

Therapists who have worked with us previously know that they can trust us. We keep our promises and deliver the equipment to clients’ homes on schedule. What’s more, we stand behind the products we sell. If something is not right, we will make it right … even if we have to take a loss to ensure the client is happy at the end of the day.


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