Conval-Aid aims to be the best mobility and wheelchair resource in Ottawa. Whether you’re looking to buy a wheelchair, or if you’re interested in wheelchair rentals in Ottawa, we offer plenty of options to fit your specific wheelchair needs. We also assist customers with funding applications whether it be with the government, their insurance company or by some other provider. We work alongside our customers’ Occupational Therapists and we pride ourselves on our unparalleled service. You can be assured that if you buy a wheelchair from Conval-Aid, we’ll find the best type of wheelchair for you.

Conval-Aid’s 7 Steps to Buying a Wheelchair

The following is an overview of Conval-Aid’s wheelchair sales process:

  1. We receive a call from an Occupational Therapist describing a customer’s daily needs and physical or mental afflictions. The Occupational Therapist will either specify what equipment they feel will best suit the customer like manual, power or travel wheelchairs, or rely on our expertise to help choose the right equipment.

  2. An appointment is made to meet with the customer, the Occupational Therapist and any other interested parties (for example, parents and caregivers). We bring the requested equipment and seating products to this appointment and leave it with the customer for a trial period, which we typically limit to one week.

  3. An appointment is set after the trial period, where the equipment performance is reviewed.  If some of the pieces did not perform as expected for the customer, other products may be required for another trial.

  4. Once the proper equipment is identified, a final prescription is completed by the Occupational Therapist. We provide assistance in the completion of the prescription, by providing actual measurements, Assistive Devices Program (ADP) codes (if required), and special equipment that may be added to the final product.

  5. We complete a quotation based on the Occupational Therapist’s final prescription, taking into account any participating funding agency or insurance company funding. Copies are sent to the Occupational Therapist, the customer, and the secondary funding agency, as required.

  6. Once the funding application has been completed and mailed, and the balance of funding has been approved, either a verbal approval by family or authorization from another funding source. The product can usually be ordered, in some circumstances it may prudent to wait until the ADP approval is secured prior to ordering any equipment, ADP funding is never a guarantee.

  7. The funding party is only invoiced after the wheelchair is delivered (this includes Government funding), minor changes and/or adjustments may be required after the new equipment is provided, although this work is not usually invoiced, as we provide an after sales service for customer satisfaction as part of our sales package.

Requiring Wheelchair Accessories?

We also carry lots of wheelchair accessories, including wheelchair ramps, and wheelchair parts. Just ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members for more information.