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Lowered Floor

Lowered Floors

A lowered floor conversion refers to the lowering of the floor in the area between the rear axle to the front firewall. A ramp is added to the vehicle at the same time. These modifications allow for flexible seating and ease of access. Whether you are the passenger or the driver, a lowered floor can accommodate your needs. For drivers, the vehicle can be outfitted with modifications to the vehicle controls to accommodate your needs.

Measurements are taken to ensure that wheelchair users get the right clearance above their head for safe entry or exit of your vehicle, and can sit at the same eye level as everyone else in the van.

Conval-Aid/Liftability can help you decide between side entry, rear entry, full or half conversion, and what vehicle you should purchase.

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Savaria/Van Action

Savaria (formerly Van Action) is the largest manufacturer of wheelchair minivan conversions in Canada and a leading accessibility company in North America. From wheelchair lifts, stair lifts to home elevators and accessible vehicles, they are the company that brings mobility to people in the home, in transportation and public spaces.

Savaria conversions meet all FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and CMVSS (Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) requirements.

Savaria conversions are compatible with these vehicles:

Side Entry Lowered Floor

  • Removable front passenger seat/optional removable drivers seat
  • Rail drainage system in floor to keep water away
  • Stainless steel reinforced floor
  • For up to 6 passengers.
  • Spare tire lies flat in the trunk.
  • OEM replacement parts used in conversion

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Half Conversion Lowered Floor

  • When you want the convenience of a side entry access with the wheelchair position in the second row, the side entry ‘short floor’ is the perfect solution. Half conversions are also much more budget-friendly because a smaller area of the van floor is lowered.

    Additional benefits:

    • For up to 5 passengers plus one wheelchair passenger.
    • Retains storage space in the back of the vehicle
    • Stainless steel reinforced floor.
    • Light bi-fold ramp that’s easy to open and close
    • OEM replacement parts used in conversion.

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Rear Entry Lowered Floor

Rear entry vans are perfect for larger/longer wheelchairs, and narrow driveways and garages.

Additional benefits

  • Ramp has gentle slope and is easy to open and close.
  • Lots of seating options so to fit all of your passengers.
  • Lightweight, bi-folding ramp is easy to open and close.

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Vantage Mobility International (VMI) is one of the first manufacturers of wheelchair van conversions and is still one of the largest. VMI built their first wheelchair-accessible minivan for a family friend and introduced their first official vehicle in 1987.

VMI conversions are compatible with:

  • Dodge Grand Caravan minivan
  • Honda Odyssey minivan
  • Chrysler Pacifica minivan
  • Toyota Sienna minivan

Visit the VMI Website >

Side Entry Lowered Floor

There are lots of options for these conversions, including:

  • Great for taller wheelchair users.
  • Unique in-floor ramp allows for increased interior space for maximum wheelchair maneuverability.
  • Obstruction-free doorway.
  • Lots of options for seating for all passengers.

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Commercial Lowered Floors

Commercial lowered floors are built with the extra durability that taxis, care facilities, and other care service providers need. Meets all D409 safety standards and are capable of accommodating multiple wheelchair positions.

Find out if which commercial solution makes the most sense for your facility.

You can also call us at 613-738-2721 or 1-800-267-8883 (toll-free in the Ottawa Valley).

Savaria/Van Action

Savaria (formerly Van Action) vehicle conversions are Canadian-made for the harsh Canadian climate.

Side Entry - Dodge Grand Caravan

Designed for taxi and other commercial uses, this vehicle conversion has lots of extra durability built in. Fits up to 2 wheelchairs and three other passengers, plus a driver. Manual ramp and door design ensure reliability and low maintenance costs. Allows for removal of the front passenger seat.

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Rear Entry - Dodge Grand Caravan

Multiple seating configuration options. Accommodates longer wheelbase wheelchairs and scooters. Manual ramp and door design ensure reliability and low maintenance costs. More cost effective solution.

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VMI makes excellent and highly durable commercial vehicle conversions. Added features like extra lighting for securing wheelchair restraints in low light makes transporting wheelchair passengers easier.

Side Entry

With space for up to 2 wheelchair users as well as other passengers, the VMI Northstar E360 (for the Toyota Sienna) is perfect for personal and light commercial applications. Removable front passenger seat. Ramp deploys manually but easily and without bending. Two-inch side rails on the ramp increase safety while loading and unloading. 800 pounds capacity.

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