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Vehicle Lifts

Vehicle Lifts for Wheelchairs and Scooters

A critical aspect of keeping your freedom is the ability to bring your wheelchair, scooter, and other mobility aids with you wherever you go. Vehicle lifts are designed to transfer your chair or scooter into the vehicle safely, enabling you to get on with your day.

Some vehicle lifts support the equipment’s weight and need you to guide the equipment into the vehicle, whereas others do it all. Depending on your ability and your budget, Conval-Aid/Liftability can help guide users and caregivers to the perfect solution.

Ready to get back on the road.

You can also call us at 613-738-2721 or 1-800-267-8883 (toll-free in the Ottawa Valley).

Bruno Independent

Bruno makes excellent quality vehicle lifts, stair lifts, scooter lifts, and turning vehicle seats. They’ve been an innovative family-owned business with over 30 years of history.

Visit the Bruno Website >

Curb Slider

This compact lift is one of Bruno’s most popular. It has an automated arm that lifts and rotates the chair, but it takes up minimal space in the back of your van or SUV. It’s also great for pickup trucks.

Both your vehicle and equipment will both play a role in whether or not this solution meets all requirements. Please check with the team at Conval-Aid/Liftability to discuss your individual needs.

Learn More About the Curb Sider >

Joey Lift

Just drive your mobility device onto the platform, press a button and Bruno’s Joey lifts your mobility device and tucks it gently into a mini-van or full-sized van. Lifting and stowing your scooter or power chair doesn’t get any easier than with a Joey.

The Joey accommodates chairs and scooters up to 350 pounds (with some restrictions for height and size of equipment), and can often be removed from your old vehicle and installed in your new one.

Learn More About the Joey Lift >

AWL 150

Easily stow your folding wheelchair, travel scooter or travel powerchair in the back of your car or van. Up to 200 lbs capability.

Learn More About the AWL 150 >


Raise and lower your mobility device into and out of your standard or oversize pickup truck. Built to last in all kinds of climates, and manage wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs.

Both your vehicle and equipment will both play a role in whether or not this solution meets all requirements. Please check with the team at Conval-Aid/Liftability to discuss your individual needs.

Learn More About the Out Rider >

AccessATop: Cover for Use with the Out-RiderT

With a press of a button, automatically raise and lower the weatherproof cap to keep your mobility aid dry and ready to roll.

Learn More About the Access Top >


The Out-Sider is a fold-away platform that allows you to roll on and off to load and transport your wheelchair or scooter. The push-button operation makes it easy, and it’s even available in different sizes. The Out-Sider allows you to secure your device for lifting and storage safely.

Learn More About the Out-Sider >


The most easily managed trailer available. No need to counter-steer; the Chariot is impossible to jack-knife thanks to independent swivel wheels that help it stay with your vehicle.

Learn More About the Chariot >

Adapt Solutions

Made in Canada, equipment from Adapt is competitively priced and can be delivered faster.

Visit the Adapt Solutions Website >


Perfect for use with Adapt transfer seats or boards. Just back your empty wheelchair up to the Speedy Lift and push a button. the Speedy Lift takes care of loading the chair for you and keeps it secure during travel.

Learn More About the Speedy Lift >


The HI-Lift is one of the most compact wheelchair lifts you will find. Complete with fully motorized lifting and lowering functions, motorized in and out swing mechanism and a 75 lbs weight capacity.

Learn More About the Hi-Lift >

Creative Controls

CCI was established in 1971 as a  manufacturer of Mobility Equipment based in the United States.

Visit the CCI Website >

Armstrong Lift

The compact design and powerful motor accommodates scooters and powerchairs up to 350 lbs for stowage in SUVs, crossover vehicles and mini-vans.

The unique side-mounted configuration maximizes cargo space and allows for full use of third-row seats when the lift is not in use.

The 29 lb lifting arm can be removed from vehicles without the use of tools.

Learn More About the Armstrong Lift >



Harmar is a leading manufacturer of wheelchair lifts for automobiles, stair lifts for the home, and residential and commercial vertical platform lifts. 

Visit the HARMAR Website >

AL835 Pickup 850HD

Pick up trucks are increasingly the vehicle of choice for people who need the practicality of an open bed as well as the go anywhere versitility that a pickup truck provides. The AL835 is an ideal system for pickup truck owners with heavy chairs. The swing up system provides ample clearance and reach with one less motor than the competition, meaning fewer buttons, more reliability and simpler operation. 

A newly designed anti-rotate strap system and compact base improves the fit in the truck bed. This convenient lift easily loads virtually any mobility device into the bed of your pickup truck and unloads it to the driver or passenger side door. An optional wireless remote control makes the AL835 fully functional from within the cab.

Learn More About the Harmar AL835 Lift >


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For more than 30 years, Autochair has been at the forefront of developing the world’s most advanced vehicle adaptations.

Visit the Autochair Website >

Smart Lifter

The Smart Lifter is a hoist that enables a heavy mobility device, such as a wheelchair, scooter or powered wheelchair, to be easily and simply lifted into the trunk of a vehicle at the touch of a button. Within our Smart Lifter range, we have two different hoists that best suit a range of mobility vehicles, from wheelchairs to scooters, depending on the size and weight of your mobility vehicle.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lifts & loads in 60 seconds
  • Lifts all types of scooters and powerchairs
  • Over 400 specific installation kits
  • Lifts up to 440 lbs
  • Transferable between vehicles
  • Simple four button control
  • Removable feature -Leaves space in trunk when not in use
  • 4 Way Power – Up/Down and In/Out
  • 3 Year Warranty