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Seats and Transfer Boards

Seats and Transfer Boards

A transfer seat looks just like a regular car seat, except that it comes right out of the car automatically, so you don’t have to do any climbing. All you have to do is sit, and the seat gently lifts and rotates you into position.

A transfer board is a more budget-friendly version of this concept – it is a motorized transfer board with up and down functions that helps lift you to seat level, which allows you to transfer into your vehicle.

Ask Conval-Aid/Liftability, which one works best for your unique needs.

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Adapt Solutions

Headquartered just outside Quebec City (Canada), Adapt Solutions manufactures wheelchair accessible automotive turning seats, transfer systems and wheelchair lifting devices. 

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The LINK is a conversion of your original car seat – not an extra seat to buy. This helps you keep the original look of your car’s interior. Customizable to provide assistance with standing and more.

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Transfer seat for front or centre passenger positions of the minivan. In one smooth, simple motion, the XL-Base rotates and then gently lowers out of the vehicle. This cycle can be stopped at any time to allow transfer at the desired height. Up to 300 pounds in weight capacity.

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Open your vehicle’s door and fold the XL-Seat down. Once transferred onto the XL-Seat, use the retractable support arm for safety and balance while it takes you up to the driver’s seat. This transfer board is highly economical and is easy to remove if you ever want to sell your van.

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If a minivan is not your style, the XL-Board gives you an alternative. Designed for the Mazda 5, the only vehicle of its kind to offer a sliding door in the central position – perfect for your manual wheelchair.

The XL-Board is a stationary, foldable and retractable transfer board designed to bridge the gap when transferring from a wheelchair to a driver or front passenger seat.

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BraunAbility started as a modest small-town venture with a handful of employees, and has grown to a global company with over 1200 employees serving more than 70 countries. 

Visit the BraunAbility Website >

BraunAbility® Turny® Evo Vehicle Transfer Seat

The BraunAbility Turny Evo mobility seat is an ideal vehicle transfer seat for SUVs, trucks, and vans. The seat moves completely outside the vehicle while lowering down to your desired level. Once seated, a simple push of a button and the Turny Evo transfer seat will lift you inside the vehicle. It’s a simple yet very effective way to make your truck or SUV more accessible.

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