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When someone is mobility-impaired, being able to use a vehicle is incredibly important to their independence. It eliminates the frustrations of having to wait around for others, and the feeling of isolation that can come with spending too much time at home.

Liftability’s goal is to  help give people that freedom. From drive-ready vans to wheelchair lifts and trailers and more, we can provide the mobility-challenged and their caregivers with the equipment they need to get back on the road - and even into the great outdoors!


Unlocking the Mystery of Vehicle Modifications

There are so many options for vehicle modifications that it can be bewildering at first. There’s also the chance that you can miss out on the perfect solution if it doesn’t come up in your research. That’s why it’s important to talk to us before you start shopping - we can save you time and trouble by guiding you right to the options that make sense for your unique needs.

Unfortunately, some disabilities get worse over time. We can help you save money by taking the long view, and finding a solution that works for your future needs as well as your current needs.

Also, not all modifications work with all vehicles - we’ve seen some customers lose money because they bought the wrong vehicle and had to sell it. The art of finding the best fit for someone’s highly individual needs is a process that our experts have perfected.

Liftability isn’t just a product reseller. While we start with the products our sellers provide, the vehicle adaptations we carry are customised by our team to meet your specific needs. Our expert consultants and technicians will install and tailor the equipment as needed so that you can use it as easily as possible.


We carry all kinds of mobility improvement products:

Some of these modifications can even be moved over to your new vehicle when your old one wears out.

Save Time and Money - Talk to Us Before You Shop

Come to us before you start shopping around - we have decades of experience and no one knows the full range of options better.

Because your needs are unique, we always start by finding out more about you. From the mobility equipment to your lifestyle we meet with you to discuss your personal situation, with all of the different factors that are important to you. This enables us to determine what vehicle is most compatible for your current and future needs.

Then, if any additional modifications are needed we’ll get our technicians involved. The result is a customized solution that’s the best that modern technology can provide.

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