If you’re in the market forMobility Showroom 3 a good wheelchair, you’ve come to the right place. We proudly offer a diverse line of wheelchairs from all the biggest brands. Plus, we do our own wheelchair customizations right on-site with our own manufacturer certified technicians. Conval-Aid’s technicians can also design and manufacture adaptive pieces just for you.

If you are looking to see wheelchairs or seating we recommend that you make an appointment with a mobility and seating specialist which will provide the best oppurtunity for you to see products that are suitable to you and that you get all your questions answered.

Not sure whether to buy a wheelchair or rent a wheelchair? Our wheelchair rentals might be the perfect solution for you if you require a wheelchair for a short period, or perhaps as a means of transition into a scooter. Wheelchair rentals can help you make your wheelchair purchasing decision.

For the best selection of wheelchairs, the best service and after sales service, visit Conval-Aid. We mean it when we say:

“Products for Living. Service for Life.”

Wheelchair Parts and Wheelchair Accessories

Your wheelchair is a sophisticated piece of machinery and, from time to time, you’ll be in need of wheelchair parts and wheelchair accessories. We stock a large assortment of generic wheelchair and walker parts, as well as a large supply of manufacturer and model specific parts from the popular brands.

Our extensive showroom is a great source for wheelchair accessories, from cup holders and bags to mirrors and oxygen tank holders. Wheelchair cushions are best trialed with one of our seating and mobility specialists on- or off-site.