Hospital Beds

We have Ottawa’s only hospital bed and surface specialist to help you find the most appropriate hospital bed and mattress for your needs. In our showroom, you can trial various pressure relief and pressure reduction mattress, as well as hospital beds.

Span America bed

We carry beds from the most basic homecare style hospital bed to bariatric adjustable beds, to a line of “long-term care” residential hospital beds. Our mattress selection is unparalleled. We carry a large quantity of foam based pressure reduction mattress’, as well as foam-air combination mattresses.

We also provide for rentals of “high-end” pressure relief mattresses, including low-air loss and alternating air mattress. We also carry a home-style adjustable bed, for those who do not require the full function of a hospital bed, but want the adjustability and comfort of a fully adjustable bed. We also carry accessories for beds such as bed rails, pillows, mattresses, bedding, and bed pads. Sleep Assure 300

Come and visit our showroom to view our latest beds and the latest accessories we have for beds. This is an excellent way to view our products and to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff any questions regarding our beds.

If you are looking for a hospital bed and would like to discuss the options of beds, and the various mattesses that are available we recommend that you make an appointment with our specialist in that area which will provide the best oppurtunity for you to see products that are suitable to you and that you get the best service possible.